Having profound knowledge of technology and marketing, Clever Ads offers clients professional consultancy in selecting key words, setting budget and time for the advertising campaign on Google in accordance with their objectives and other marketing activities.

Defining Marketing campaign

Defining marketing campaign is the most important and vital phase in order to reach your objective. Having a deep understanding of Google’s search engine, Clever Ads is proud to bring you the best solutions in accordance with your business and website condition.

- Write Ad content
- Set Campaign budget
- Optimize website
- Divide campaign into small ad groups well-matched with key words
- Take advantage of each key word and technique to maximize system feature

Campaign Follow-up

Clever Ads will follow up the implementation of marketing campaign for you: follow up quality score (number of appearance of your ad, clickthrough rate), check the fluctuation of current bid and improve quality score so that the client always get the best bid rate. This activity is executed multiple times daily to ensure the highest effectiveness of the campaign.

Result Report

Clever Ads provides client with periodical reports (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly) or whenever requested. The report will give you such useful information as: number of appearance of your ads, click through rate, convergence tracking. Besides, the report also gives you details about your clients, for instance: which country they are from, which key words they use, when they click on your ads, which page of your website they are fond of and other useful information.

Tracking your ads on other resources

We also offer supporting services to other kinds of online marketing. For example, you have got a banner on an online news website, we can possibly track down when and how many people get into your website via that banner and other behaviors of clients.